Wavy Vibes.




The Development Society (DEVSOC) is a platform dedicated to educate & motivate, daily reminders to strive for excellence. DEVSOC is built on the ethos of creating a callused mind and a stoic approach to the difficult situations in life. The pursuit of excellence is never ending. Oh, and we sell cool shit.


Great organisation, doing good in the world. Fast dispatch, clear and regular communication and always happy to answer questions.

C. Rad

Excellent from start to finish with minimum fuss. Easy to order and the guys are always there should there be any problems.

James A

Great merch, insightful content on the site, shirts have increased my gains.

Talm Cruise

Solid team, mindset and view. If you get fortunate enough to be apart of the limited batches, feel lucky. But don’t get it wrong, you’ve got a question, held to a higher standard, or need a reminder to be better, they’ll post a reminder, show you that high standard, and humble enough to give you an answer to help your growth. Tribe and Philosophy.


Absolute legends dropping ally kit and humbling us with a wavy mindset. Not to mention bringing some sweet tunes and exposing us to the awesomeness that is Mongolian throat singing.


DEVSOC Philosophy

- 1% Daily Marginal Gains. Every. Single. Day.

- Get Humbled. Phys so hard, you're truly humbled afterward.

- Be Proactive. Ain't no time like the present. Harden your body & mind today, whilst you can.

- Stay Wavy. Don't take it too seriously. It's all a game, play it well.

- Be A Stoic. If you don't know what Stoicism is, we'll teach you.

- Be An Enabler. Don't be a disabler.

- Good Kit Doesn't Make A Good Soldier. It's down to you, not your kit.

- Stay Humble. Treat all as equals. Have time for everyone, especially when they can't help you.

No Buy In. That's not what we're about. Stay, get involved, embrace the community, without pressure of having to buy, subscribe, or anything you don't want to. Just ride the wave.

- The Journey Is Long. Fuck, it's a long one. Let's ride it together. We got this.

- The DEVSOC Team

The Gen


We care about the Earth. We've only got one - let's look after it;
- Eco-friendly packaging for all of our products
- We plant a tree for every order placed over £15
- Support nature-caring organisations in all forms wherever we can

4 Pillars?

Yep, four of 'em...

Baseline - Items that will be there until the dawn of time, grab them whenever you like.
The Journey Is Long - You have to earn the right to purchase these items by completing a workout, and showing us proof via Instagram DMs. Warning - they're tasty.
Limited Editions - Items that drop once, and they don't come back.
Get Humbled - Wait out for further info.

We're here for you

I'll say it again. We're here for you. No matter where you are in life, we've got your six. It's a long road, let's ride it together. It will get better. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope. We got this.


DEVSOC - The "get up & go" mirror for when you haven't got one. I shit you not, if it wasn't for the Honey Badger & Tac Flamingo, I wouldn't have jumped in the ring to raise money for charity. Lads!


The brand and image portrayed of the company is brilliant, massive motivational boosts not only on promoting physical health and wellbeing but also on mental health and wellbeing, stay wavy but most importantly stay humble bro.... Again just wanted to say thank you, have helped me realise so much more potential in myself and in my future!
Stay wavy bro

JB 1908

Exactly what the blokes want, and need.

Sierra Smudge

Awesome blokes dedicated to helping people improve themselves or their self-perception, and offer epic support and encouragment! #staywavy

Steve 5to3

DEVSOC offers an alternate way of thinking and promotes a self motivated, positive attitude to life and what a person can achieve. I’ve shown their posts to military and civilians alike and have never had a reaction other than the person sitting back, reading more and eventually saying something along the lines of “that’s really bloody good”. People and the world are weird and everyone should embrace that whilst striving to achieve. DEVSOC outlines that in a way I don’t think many others do and it’s refreshing.