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Letters from DEVSOC

The Story Of Sisyphus

Things go wrong in our lives all the time. Often the moment we think a task is complete it all unravels and we have t...

The Great Lamp Mystery Of 2020

You read that right. Sometimes weird things happen, and you've just gotta roll with it. A day or two ago, we receiv...

Get in the zone

This article is a guest post by our good friends at The Natural Edge. Check them out for all things health &...

Cool Dudes

Sometimes, you come across a set of dudes who make you stop and admire how much they're nailing it. From product to m...

The waves don’t stop, neither can we.

‘Do it’ Two words that changed my life, normally reserved for moments of commitment, moments to show courage, to m...

From Dust.

At about 3PM, I got fired from my job that had, until very recently, been hinting at equity in the company; a high five-figure income earned largely from home suddenly scratched down to zero. A few hours later, my roommate told me he was moving out. Thirty days from today, my reliable source of income and the routine I’d fallen into with my housemate will be no more. Someone else will be sharing my space, and I’ll have to figure out where the next check is coming from or it won’t come at all. 

Choose your attitude, choose your reaction

Choose your attitude, choose your reaction Viktor Frankl, the neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor is qu...

Above The Clouds The Sun Always Shines

30,000ft above the surface of the planet, huge aluminium cans carry Humans all over the globe. A weird thought when you think of flying like that. To quote a favourite artist of mine, Gift of The Gab - "I can think of nothing less likely to fly". But as Humans, we have the ability to think. Thought is an important tool, it took us billions of years of thinking to get from microscopic organisms in the depths of the ocean, to flirting around the atmosphere at the drop of a hat. Aircraft propel us into the sky and allow us to see things that the majority of life that has lived before us couldn't comprehend. And the very nature of thought allowed me to think whilst on a flight from NCL to DUB over the holiday period. 

What is success?

Success is a concept people seem to prioritize more than ever, but it’s also pretty nebulously defined. Many of us pu...


Objectives are not fate; they are direction. If objectives are only good intentions, they are worthless. They mu...

The Diseconomy of Scale

Throughout the course of our lives, we adjust perpetually to our circumstances – those of us faced with adversity gro...

Build your mind, like you build your body.

I recently purchased a copy of Letters From A Stoic by Seneca. Amazed that I haven't read it before now, I dove strai...
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