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Tree Planting Initiative


Total trees planted so far: 1832

Our planet: we’ve only got one. There isn’t a back-up. We should do everything within our power to help nurture it for future generations. We’re not superheroes, we’re not eco-warriors, but we can make a difference.

We pledge to donate 5% of profits to our #treeplanting initiative, and aim to plant 100,000 trees.

DEVSOC has partnered with an industry-leading project who only plant indigenous tree species to build richly biodiverse forests, not invasive species or mono-cultures. They’re committed to replacing any trees that are lost in the first few years after planting.

Recently, we've changed who we work with when planting trees. We now work with a world-class charity who are dedicated to reforesting tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests, tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests, tropical and subtropical coniferous forests, as well as Mangroves.

As well as directly contributing to reforestation, they also ensure to choose projects that have socio-economic benefits for local communities. 

1 tree = £0.40

By supporting DEVSOC and purchasing our gear, you’re directly contributing to this project.

If you’d like to purchase some trees, you can do so here.

TreeSisters is our tree planting partner, you can find out more and donate directly here

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