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The Development Society

Built on the ethos of creating a callused mind and a stoic approach to the difficult situations in life. The pursuit of excellence is never-ending. If you want to get better alongside likeminded people, you’re in the right place.

In short, DEVSOC is a community that values fitness and self development as a means to improve.

We do THREE things: 1. Community 2. Fitness 3. Self-Development

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What We Stand For

1% Daily Marginal Gains: Every. Single. Day.

Get Humbled: Phys so hard, you’re truly humbled afterward.

Be Proactive: Ain’t no time like the present. Harden your body and mind today, whilst you can.

Be A Stoic: If you don’t know what Stoicism is, we’ll teach you.

Be An Enabler: Don’t be a disabler.

Stay Humble: Treat all as equals. Have time for everyone, especially when they can’t help you.

No Buy-In: That’s not what we’re about. Stay, get involved, and embrace the community without pressure to buy, subscribe, or do anything you don’t want to. Just ride the wave.

The Journey Is Long: Fuck, it’s a long one. Let’s ride it together. We got this.

Stay Wavy: Don’t take it too seriously. It’s all a game; play it well.


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What We Do

A brief intro


We believe we're better together

Accountability is hard on your own. Surround yourself with likeminded people who want the best for you and the goals you can reach will surprise you. Join the Slack Group to surround yourself with good people


We believe moving is winning

Daily movement. There's a lot to be said on the matter. Put simply, our philosophy is to move daily. Turn yourself into the person the child version of you is proud of. It starts with small wins that accumulate into big wins. Our infamous Longum Iter Est Challenges get you moving

Self Development

We believe in "prehab" of the mind

A callused mind creates a callused character. When the going is easy is when we need to do the most work on ourselves. You shouldn't wait for a crisis to start thinking about your mental health. To further "Self Dev", our Devleopment Diary is a great place to start


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