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Above The Clouds The Sun Always Shines

30,000ft above the surface of the planet, huge aluminium cans carry Humans all over the globe. A weird thought when you think of flying like that. To quote a favourite artist of mine, Gift of The Gab - "I can think of nothing less likely to fly". But as Humans, we have the ability to think. Thought is an important tool, it took us billions of years of thinking to get from microscopic organisms in the depths of the ocean, to flirting around the atmosphere at the drop of a hat. Aircraft propel us into the sky and allow us to see things that the majority of life that has lived before us couldn't comprehend. And the very nature of thought allowed me to think whilst on a flight from NCL to DUB over the holiday period. 

Voluntarily bereft of technology and entertainment on the flight, I looked out of the window and a thought occurred to me. It went something like; "Above the clouds, the sun always shines." Simple. Short. Confusing. I took the time until now to work the idea through in my head, and wonder if it really did - metaphorically of course.

In my eyes, the idea that the sun always shines above the clouds directly translates to the emotions we experience in our day-to-day lives. Each tumbling, marshmallow-like cloud, represents a fleeting moment of emotion. Often caused by untold events that happen through our day. Seemingly random clouds vacate their load and send it hurtling toward the earth below, that in which the same happens when a meddling person, or emotion, interferes with your flow for reasons unknown. To me, there is no difference. Be it cloud or emotion, they exist in the same right. 

It is up to us to decide which cloud we wish to live under, and although clouds are never static, we decide how we live with them. Do we cower, shiver, and hide from the rain? Or do we dance in it, embrace it, and understand that it brings life?

When you look above the clouds, through the thin veils of emotion that grasps our Directing minds with each nudge and shove towards directions we do not wish to travel, we see that there is sunlight. There is no everlasting blockade of sun that removes it from our lives, only temporary barriers that come and go with the wind. 

The more that we can look at emotions as clouds, the more our life will flow. If we encounter emotions we do not desire, or we are not intending to foster, then they can be allowed to pass by letting them pass. No good comes from harbouring negative emotions that we are not friends with. Yes, they exist. They will always be present, as will the clouds. But we can learn to accept them, calmly, with grace, and see that above the troubling emotions that fill our lives there lives a place that we can all visit whenever we like. A place where the sun shines, that no one can remove us from, no matter what our physical being is doing.

Above the clouds the sun always shines.

Stay Wavy,

Head of Waves

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  • Great thoughts and words.
    I once wondered why I was saving for a rainy day by staying!
    I looked out of the window, at this point, and saw the rain.
    It was then I decided we all need it to rain.
    So change of kit and off I set into a fantastic new future!

    “Let It Rain.”

    “Stay Wavy!”



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