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What is DEVSOC?

The short answer is:

Community, Movement, & Mental Health. That's what we deal in.

 Our goal is simple; to help people create a better life for themselves and for those around them. Built on the ethos of creating a callused mind and a stoic approach to the difficult situations in life. The pursuit of excellence is never-ending. If you want to get better alongside likeminded people, you’re in the right place.

In short, DEVSOC is a community who want to be better than we were yesterday. We encourage wholesome physical education and mental preparation for the tough times ahead. We produce quality merch, self-development packages, and physical training plans that help you embody those values.

The long answer is:
We’re a Team. A Team like no other. A group of people who want the same thing in life, which in itself is almighty difficult to find. We want to be better, to grow as individuals, to create a “better” world to live in, whatever that “better” is for you. We’re not here to judge, not here to scream obscenities in your face, not here to push a further agenda. We’re that voice in your head that says “keep going”, the one that believes you’ve got this, the one who instills you with the quiet confidence to carry on in life. And not only to just carry on, but to excel, to gain a certain sense of inspiration in your life.
The DEVSOC Team isn’t some all-star cast of superhuman-capable humans. We’re just ordinary dudes that want to do the work. We’ll choose the hard way, as long as it provides the greater result. Some of us are still-serving in the military, some of us have left, but there’s one thing that ties us all together - we want to do the work. And that’s almost a lesson in itself. When you find someone who talks the same language as you, amazing things can happen.
We didn’t start as anything more than two friends in a coffee shop in South London having a chat. Firstly, we decided we wanted to start “something” together. We’d been friends for a while now, we frequently chatted about exercise, stoicism, philosophy and what life meant. However, we weren’t sure what that “something” would be. We knew we wanted to help people - so this sounded like a good idea to begin with. We decided to “decide” what we would become at a later date, and because one of us had some experience with social media in the past, we knew it was a good idea to just start in the first place. So we created the Instagram page and just posted what we liked - philosophical, physical, motivational, Stoic content that made us think. And that’s where we stayed, we never felt the need to add another “thing” to our core-being. What we had was enough, and more than enough. We realised that what we had struck upon something that was lacking in the world - a community of like-minded individuals who wanted to get better. Not just better, but *really* better. So that’s what we have now. A Team of humans who want to be better, help others become better, and walk the long road together.
The question I’ve been asked is “Who Is DEVSOC”. And for me, it’s a hard one to answer. Who are we? Who are we, really? It seems simple enough, but a recent lesson I’ve learnt has proven me wrong. In essence, the very core of DEVSOC consists of a few Green Army dudes from a JTAC/Fires background. The extended "Friends of DEVSOC" consists of way cooler dudes from USMC Raiders to Civilian Lawyers, and everything in between. But further to that, I stumbled across the idea that each one of us contains many different *people*.
We’re different from each of the many, many, people that exist within our lives. The person our partner thinks we are, the person our dog thinks we are, the person our friends think we are, the person we think we are. Because for short spaces of time, when we’re with others that are in our lives, we’re different people. We’re different when we wake, when we’re tired, and when we’re content. Therefore the people we’re with see different versions of us, and moreover they build an image of who we are based upon those interactions, It might not be who we are at all, but it doesn’t matter. Their opinion is formed in their mind. So who are we really, are we the person we think we are? Or the person that others think we are? We should argue that we are all, yet none, of them. All we know is that we can only be the best possible version of ourselves in each moment. Don’t let the past dictate the future. In the words of Mr Watts “The tail does not wag the dog”.
So there it is, who is DEVSOC? We are all DEVSOC.
We might be in the mountains, or in the surf, but if you ever need us, hit us up via email at info(at) We’ll get back to you in figures few.
Stay Wavy,
Head of Waves
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