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Cool Dudes

Sometimes, you come across a set of dudes who make you stop and admire how much they're nailing it. From product to marketing, to message, to ethos, some companies are just doing a good job. Today, we're going to let you know who we think are killing it. Just good dudes, doing good things.


Technical clothing for the adventuresome individual. As stated; "We’re lifelong mountaineers, climbers and skiers, and that DNA runs deep in the company. We run Jöttnar, we design the gear ourselves and we personally test it.

We don’t follow fabric trends and we have no need to follow retail trends. We design the gear we want to wear. Our professional athletes then help us test it to destruction."

Check 'em out here.


Minimalist shoes that let your feet do what they were made to do. Simple. I've owned a pair of Vivo's for over 6 months now, whilst they took some getting used to, they're my "go-to" shoe for everyday movement. As well as much more. 

"Through wearing shoes that follow the shape of the foot and allow you to move naturally we can reclaim our feet and reconnect with what makes us human. Make your next steps matter. Think feet first. Un-f**k your feet."

Check 'em out here.

The Foot Collective

  If you're into Vivo, you'll be all about these dudes. 

"We’re a global community of health advocates on a mission to help humans reclaim strong, functional and painfree bodies starting from the foundation. Our goal is to empower people with the knowledge they need to protect their bodies from the dangers of modern life and provide simple guidance on restoring functional, painfree and resilient bodies from the ground up."

In short; Dudes helping to spread factual information around pain, movement, and poor lifestyle choices that lead to chronic pain. 

I bought their 2019 6-hour seminar that changed the way I looked at all of the above. 10/10, highly recommended. 

Check 'em out here.

The Bike Shed

Based in Shoreditch, London, The Bike Shed has been the adopted HQ of DEVSOC for the best part of a year. HoH has a membership and frequents this awesome place as much as he can. Great coffee, great people, great community.

"Since it’s inception in 2011, the Bike Shed has been a place of Common Ground, where people from all walks of life come together to share their passion for two-wheels, whether they ride a motorcycle or not. Within our community we also have a motorcycle club, for riders, but you do not have to be a member or a rider to enjoy our hospitality and unique experience."

12/10, so much time for TBS.

Check 'em out here. Caution, all the vibes exist here.

Many More...

There's a ton more, but we'll save those for later. Too much of a good thing is bad for the soul, so we've been told.

Check out the above dudes, they're worth your time.

Semi-boring legal disclaimer: All pictures are property of the associated companies. DEVSOC receives no remuneration from any of the above companies for posting this blog.

Stay Wavy,

Head of Waves

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  • Thumbs up for Jottnar. I wear a Jottnar hardshell on the hills, and their base layers under my jumpsuit Skydiving in the Autumn/Winter, awesome kit.


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