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The Panga Pangolin Sticker

The Panga Pangolin Sticker

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The Pangolin

Team DEVSOC are proud to introduce to you the latest addition to the ‘TEAM’ - the Panga Pangolin.

This dude owns the jungle, an expert when it comes to moving through the trees unnoticed. The Pangolin is one of the most robust and resilient animals in the world; they’re almost impenetrable to predators, often seen rolling into a ball to wait out the onslaught from a pride of lions.

The pure badassery of this dude is unparalleled, even down to the way it digests its food. They don’t have any teeth, but that’s not a problem: this dude just makes sure he swallows a couple of rocks and stones daily, to help grind up all of the ants he’s eaten.


These animals are unfortunately CRITICALLY ENDANGERED, so in true DEVSOC style, let’s all get together and bring some awareness to this cool AF animal – now part of the DEVSOC Operating Animal ‘TEAM’.

Remember, we donate 5% of profits to our tree-planting efforts. Trees are cool – let’s plant some.

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