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As you’re well aware, we donate 5% of all our profits towards a good cause. At the minute, that cause is our tree-planting and reforestation initiative. We’re aiming to plant 100,000 trees through DEVSOC over the next few years.

How this works: DEVSOC squirrels away 5% of our profits, and every time we have enough cash in that fund, we place an “order” for 50 trees to be planted in the Highlands of Scotland through our industry-leading reforestation partner.

You don’t have to do anything, apart from feeling safe in the fact that whenever you purchase something with us, you’re helping the planet by planting a tree.

If you’d like to plant another tree, then this is your chance.

Each tree we buy costs us £7.50 to plant through our partner. Purchase this item and we’ll put that £7.50 into the tree-planting fund for our next batch!

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