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"Antebellum" December Challenge

"Antebellum" December Challenge

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Welcome to "Antebellum" or "Before the war". This December we're getting a headstart on the gains, both in mind and body. 

We won't wait until January to improve on the daily, we choose now.

Join us for our December challenge. Consisting of 30 mins of physical movement & 5 mins of mindfulness each day for the month of Dec.

Packed with weekly mini-challenges, a dedicated Slack Group, daily emails, and culminating in a wild dip on NYD.

Entry to Antebellum will cost £9.99, which will be spent planting one tree in our #letsplanttrees campaign. The remaining £2.99 will pay for taxes on the tree purchase and associating costs.

Let's get it together this December.

At least 1 tree per entry will be planted.

After purchasing an entry, you'll be added to our ANTEBELLUM mailing list and we'll hit you up via email with further info in 2 weeks ready for the start of December.

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