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This is where the SHOWDOWN happens. Competition style workouts where you're pitted against the rest of the DEVSOC community. Full send.

Showdown 2.0

For time:

10 - 1 into 1 - 10

Movement 1: Shoulder Taps 

Movement 2: Squat Jumps 

Movement 3: Burpees 


  • 1st place prize is: £200 of DEVSOC DOLLARZ each for the fastest male & female athletes 
  • First entry is no earlier than 30/08/20 @ 1800
  • Last entry no later than 13/09/20 @ 1800 (workouts submitted after this date will not be counted)
  • The athlete is to complete 10 shoulder taps, 10 squat jumps and then 10 burpees.  Straight into 9/9/9, working their way down the ladder until they reach 1/1/1. The athlete then has the pleasure of working their way back up the ladder, until they reach 10/10/10 again.  Once the last burpee is complete, the timer is stopped
  • One individual shoulder tap is one repetition, for example: two shoulder taps, is one tap on your left and then one tap on your right 
  • The whole workout is to be video recorded (videos will not be released to the public)
  • Workout times submitted WITHOUT video evidence will not be counted
  • Submissions entered via IG DM or email to
  • A full warm up is to be conducted prior to the workout
  • If any movement is scaled, you must include this upon entry submission, however this does remove you from the main leaderboard
  • Full movement standards are to be found below
  • There are two categories for competing; Male & Female
  • A full leaderboard will be posted upon closing of entries
  • Good reps are better than a good time. Do the common, uncommonly well 
  • The DEVSOC "Finisher" Tee will be available to all those who complete the workout, and those only. You can find it here!

Workout Standards:

Shoulder Taps

Squat Jumps


Semi-boring legal disclaimer

  • By partaking in the DEVSOC Showdown, you accept full responsibility for any injury caused
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