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Strengths Profile Assessment Upgrade (One-To-One Debrief)

Strengths Profile Assessment Upgrade (One-To-One Debrief)

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Introducing our brand-new, game-changing pillar, DEVSOC Executive Coaching. 

Strengths-based personal development builds on what is strong, rather than what’s wrong and can be adopted as an approach to personal development, team development and leadership style.

Using a strengths-based approach enhances not only personal development, but the relationships people have with others by highlighting what internal resources they can draw on to help overcome issues and problems and enhance self-efficacy (see other benefits below) as well as noting any weaknesses and drawing on the strengths of others in the team to manage these areas.

This upgrade is for those that have completed the introductory strengths profile assessment and want to upgrade to the expert level.  You do not need to redo the strengths profile assessment, this option simply unlocks the expert level benefits.  These benefits include:  

The expert report includes the same elements as the introductory report but also provides a much more detailed explanation of the 60 strengths, how the strengths fall into different families, and how they are distributed across these families. The five strengths families are conceptual groupings of the 60 strengths. Each family contains a set of strengths that share related characteristics. They are designed to provide a framework that might help you understand the patterns of strengths in your profile.

The expert report includes:

  • Your strengths quadrant, up to the top 7 realised strengths, 7 unrealised strengths, 4 learned behaviours and up to 3 weaknesses.
  • Detailed definitions of all strengths
  • Details of your full 60 strengths
  • Details of your ‘strength families’
  • Guidance on how to use your strengths wisely, use more, use when needed, and use less.
  • The report is accompanied by an hour long debrief discussion with our Head of Self, Jon Hazan. This is to help you ascertain how to apply the learnings from the report.
  • Once purchased, you will receive an email detailing what the next steps are.

Jon Hazan, our Head of Self, is an accredited Langley Group Strengths Practitioner and holds a Practitioners Diploma in Executive Coaching from the AoEC.  Jon has worked in many different management environments over the past 25 years. Exposing the many different styles of leadership, which in turn, has provided great experiences for his career as an Executive Coach.  Jon ensures theory is combined with the practicalities of real life situations.

Following his military career as an Army Officer, he worked for twenty years in the Sports Events Industry designing and delivering corporate team development events and large scale sports events around the world.  He specialises in focusing and preparing individuals and small teams at all levels for the challenges of management and leadership, working with the concept of ‘Leader as Coach’ or ‘Collaborative Leadership'.

Jon is here to guide and coach you through 60 minutes of intensive strengths profile assessment reflection, unpacking your personal exercise results, and then advising you on how to apply these learnings, in order for you to embark on your future endeavours with a clearer understanding of yourself. 

It is time to level up.

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