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Introductory Strengths Profile Assessment

Introductory Strengths Profile Assessment

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Introducing our brand-new, game-changing offering, DEVSOC Executive Coaching. 

Strengths-based personal development builds on what is strong, rather than what’s wrong and can be adopted as an approach to personal development, team development and leadership style.

Using a strengths-based approach enhances not only personal development, but the relationships people have with others by highlighting what internal resources they can draw on to help overcome issues and problems and enhance self-efficacy (see other benefits below) as well as noting any weaknesses and drawing on the strengths of others in the team to manage these areas.

This introductory assessment follows an in-depth group of 180 questions to assess the subject’s core strengths, providing an overview report and explanation of these strengths. The Introductory report is a 9 page report including: 

  • Your strengths quadrant, up to the top 7 realised strengths, 7 unrealised strengths, 4 learned behaviours and up to 3 weaknesses. 
  • Detailed definitions of all strengths in the quadrants.  
  • Guidance on how to use your strengths wisely, use more, use when needed, and use less.
  • Once purchased, you will receive an email detailing what the next steps are.

It's time to level up.

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