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DEVSOC x Grizz Phys Longum Iter Est Cap

DEVSOC x Grizz Phys Longum Iter Est Cap
DEVSOC x Grizz Phys Longum Iter Est Cap
DEVSOC x Grizz Phys Longum Iter Est Cap
Product image 1DEVSOC x Grizz Phys Longum Iter Est Cap
Product image 2DEVSOC x Grizz Phys Longum Iter Est Cap
Product image 3DEVSOC x Grizz Phys Longum Iter Est Cap

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Wall Balls (9kg M, 6kg F)

Assault Bike Calories


Same rep scheme as above

Squat Jumps

Down Ups (no press up burpee)

Email us @ info@thedevelopmentsociety or DM Grizz Phys with proof of completion to secure a discount code

This Longum Cap is a collab between DEVSOC and Grizz Phys. Check them out for tasty workouts and much more.

DEVSOC promotes all levels of fitness, if you're moving, you're winning. As such, our workouts are suitable for all levels of fitness. They range from just starting out, to nails. Our gateway workout is the Longum Iter Est Patch, check it out here.

If you’d like to get your hands on the above cap or any of the future products that fall within this section; you’ll be required to complete a workout.

The price for all products in this range will be set at £500, 500 large ones. Once you complete the required workout, send us a picture (via email) with a thumbs up next to the timer/display/counter showing us you have indeed embraced the suck. We will then provide you with a one-time secret discount code that will lower the price back to its original price, for example, £26.99. 🥋

It doesn’t matter how long it takes, how fit/unfit you are, as long as you complete it. All phys workouts should be completed with prior knowledge of the exercise. Don’t muck yourself in the process, do it right and keep your body in the fight!  Perform a proper warm up & cool down during the workout, DM us if you have any questions.

Remember, we donate 5% of profits to our tree planting efforts. Trees are cool, let's plant some.

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